Pat Riley Wanted His Stars to Stay with Miami Heat

After losing to Spurs in the NBA final; the Miami Heat boss made his post season news conference related to the present situation and his plan with Heat in the future. The final result may affect the internal situation of the club related to their 3 stars. The big 3 will have their contracts ended this summer and apparently Pat Riley does not want them to leave Heat. LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade will have the free agency situation this summer. Bosh and Wade were already expressed their intention to stay with Miami Heat after winning two titles with the sbobet club. It is only LeBron James who has not informed the fans and public about his decision related to the situation.
During the news conference; Riley mentioned about the great teams in the past and some of them failed more that to earn the success. He said the NBA competition is hard and everybody should stick together in dealing with the competition. Riley personally mentioned the motivation and the bond of Spurs during this season’s campaign and especially during the playoff after their defeat last year. It is something that his team should learn for the next NBA season.